Kansas City Royals vs. Seattle Mariners: Preview, Predictions and Picks for May 13, 2024

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May 13, 2024 6:30 AM
The Kansas City Royals, owners of a 25-17 overall record, travel to T-Mobile Park to face off against the 22-19 Seattle Mariners on Monday, May 13, 2024, at 9:40 PM. The Royals will look to improve their 10-9 road record, while the Mariners aim to build on their 13-9 home mark in this highly anticipated matchup.
Kansas City Royals
Seattle Mariners

Royals vs Mariners starting pitchers

In the upcoming matchup between the Kansas City Royals and the Seattle Mariners, the pitching duel will feature Brady Singer for the Royals against George Kirby of the Mariners. Singer comes into the game boasting a sharp ERA of 2.36 with a WHIP of 1.01, reflecting his effective pitching throughout the season, underlined by his 46 strikeouts and only four home runs allowed in 45.2 innings. On the other side, Kirby, despite a higher ERA of 4.15, maintains a close WHIP of 1.04, indicating his ability to keep games tight by limiting walks, having allowed only five so far. Both pitchers possess nearly identical strikeout numbers and wins, setting the stage for a tightly contested pitching showdown. The game will hinge significantly on their performances, adding an intriguing layer to this encounter.

Royals vs Mariners game preview

As the Kansas City Royals prepare to face off against the Seattle Mariners, Brady Singer steps up to the mound, carrying the weight of the team's pitching responsibilities. Despite the Royals' struggles in some areas like leaving runners on base and drawing walks, their batting lineup has shown flashes of brilliance, particularly in stolen bases and overall hits, where they rank notably high in the league. Salvador Perez, with an impressive .329 average and leading the team in homers and RBIs, is a crucial player to watch in this game. However, the Royals will need to enhance their on-base skills and reduce strikeouts to capitalize on scoring opportunities. The key to their success in this matchup would reside in their ability to convert their hit potential into tangible runs, pushing past their tendency to strand baserunners.

On the contrary, the Seattle Mariners enter the game dealing with substantial setbacks, especially at the plate, as reflected in their striking number of strikeouts — the highest in the league — and their lower-tier batting average. George Kirby, taking the mound as their probable starting pitcher, will need to anchor the team by controlling the Royals' active hitters and maintaining a low ERA. The Mariners' hitting strategy should take advantage of any lapses in the Royals' pitching, particularly focusing on getting players like Julio Rodriguez and Cal Raleigh, who lead the team in batting average and RBIs respectively, on base and in scoring positions. Their performance in key situations, coupled with a stringent need to improve their hit-to-at-bat ratio, will be instrumental if the Mariners hope to gain an upper hand in this competitive matchup.

Seattle Mariners injuries

  • Bryan Woo (SP): Day-To-Day
  • J.P. Crawford (SS): 10-Day-IL
  • Dominic Canzone (LF): 10-Day-IL
  • Tayler Saucedo (RP): 15-Day-IL
  • Taylor Dollard (SP): Day-To-Day

Kansas City Royals injuries

  • Carlos Hernandez (RP): 15-Day-IL
  • Jake Brentz (RP): 15-Day-IL
  • Josh Taylor (RP): 60-Day-IL
  • Jordan Lyles (RP): Out
  • Kris Bubic (SP): 60-Day-IL

Royals vs Mariners predictions

Here we go, folks! The Kansas City Royals are rolling into Seattle to take on the Mariners, and I've got my eye on a few Royals who are gonna make some noise. I'm thinking Salvador Perez is gonna come out swinging, maybe even cracking a homer or two. He's been on a tear lately, and I wouldn't be shocked if he racks up 3-4 RBIs. And don't sleep on Maikel Garcia, who's been quietly putting up some solid numbers. I think he's gotta good chance of notching a couple of doubles and scoring a run or two. Meanwhile, Brady Singer's gonna take the mound, and I think he's gonna give the Mariners fits. He's been lights out lately, and I think he'll limit the M's to 2-3 runs.

Now, on the other side of the diamond, the Mariners have some serious pop in their lineup. You know I'm high on Julio Rodriguez, who's been playing like a superstar. I think he's gonna get on base at least twice and maybe even swipe a bag. Meanwhile, Cal Raleigh's been crushing it lately, and I wouldn't be shocked if he goes yard. And let's not forget about Ty France, who's been one of the most consistent hitters on the team. He's gotta good chance of notching a few hits and driving in a run or two. George Kirby's taking the mound for the Mariners, and while he's been solid, I think the Royals' lineup might be a little too much for him.

So, who's gonna come out on top? I think the Royals are gonna take this one, folks. Singer's gonna shut down the Mariners' offense, and the Royals' bats are gonna be too much for Kirby to handle. I'm thinking a 5-3 win for the Royals, with Perez and Garcia leading the charge. But hey, that's just my two cents - we'll see how it all plays out tonight!

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