Houston Astros vs. New York Yankees: Preview, Predictions and Picks for May 7, 2024

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May 7, 2024 9:27 AM
The New York Yankees are set to host the Houston Astros at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday, May 7, 2024, at 7:05 PM, with the game being aired on TBS. Coming into this matchup, the Yankees have a strong season record of 23-13 and have dominated the series against the Astros this season, leading 4-0. The Astros, struggling with a 12-22 record, will look to turn their fortunes around on the road where they've previously recorded 5 wins and 10 losses.
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Astros vs Yankees starting pitchers

In the highly anticipated matchup between the Houston Astros and New York Yankees, fans can look forward to a thrilling pitching duel featuring Justin Verlander for the Astros against Luis Gil for the Yankees. Verlander, coming off a strong start to the season, boasts an impressive ERA of 2.08 and WHIP of 1.15, maintaining his reputation as a formidable pitcher by allowing only 2 home runs over 17 innings. On the other side, the younger Luis Gil showcases a promising start with a 3.19 ERA and 1.19 WHIP, backed by an impressive 40 strikeouts in 31 innings, though he needs to improve control with 20 walks to his name. This game pits Verlander's seasoned precision against Gil's powerful but slightly erratic arm, making for a compelling pitcher's battle that could significantly dictate the flow and outcome of the game.

Astros vs Yankees game preview

The Houston Astros, entering their game against the New York Yankees, stand out particularly for their batting precision, boasting the 3rd best batting average in the league at .259. The figurehead of this formidable lineup, Jose Altuve, continues to dazzle with a .343 batting average, making him a critical player to watch in this matchup. Despite a concerning rank at 30th in strikeouts, the Astros compensate with consistent hits, positioned 4th in the league, and an ability to drive in runs (ranked 8th in home runs), led by Kyle Tucker who has already slammed 9 homers. Their low strikeout statistic might raise doubts about pressure handling, yet their batting depth and Justin Verlander on the mound, makes them a resilient competitor. Verlander's seasoned arm could be pivotal in slicing through the Yankees' lineup, provided the Astros' defense capably supports him.

The New York Yankees carry a competitive edge as well, especially highlighted by their high on-base potential, ranked 2nd in drawing walks, which could test the Astros' pitching finesse. Their batting lineup isn’t far behind, marked 11th in hits and maintained by stellar performances from Juan Soto, who leads the team with a .316 batting average and 8 home runs. Although their strikeout rate is slightly better than Houston’s, placed 18th, the Yankees also face challenges in converting opportunities, a concern mirrored by both teams with a tied rank of 29th in leaving runners on base. Luis Gil steps up as the probable starting pitcher, whose task will be to manage the Astros' top hitters like Altuve and Tucker, while the Yankees will need to capitalize on their offensive walks to build pressure and strive for a disciplined approach at the plate against a seasoned pitcher like Verlander.

New York Yankees injuries

  • James Norwood (RP): Day-To-Day
  • Tommy Kahnle (RP): 15-Day-IL
  • Jorbit Vivas (2B): Day-To-Day
  • Danny Watson (RP): Day-To-Day
  • Tanner Myatt (RP): Day-To-Day

Houston Astros injuries

  • Miguel Palma (C): Day-To-Day
  • Zach Dezenzo (3B): Day-To-Day
  • Jairo Solis (SP): Day-To-Day
  • Cristian Javier (SP): 15-Day-IL
  • Dixon Machado (SS): Day-To-Day

How to Watch the Astros vs Yankees

The Astros vs. Yankees game will be televised on TBS and is scheduled for Tue 7:05 PM.

Astros vs Yankees predictions

In the ever-unpredictable world of baseball, the upcoming face-off at Yankee Stadium between the Houston Astros and the New York Yankees has the bookies leaning slightly towards the Bronx Bombers with current odds at NYY -120. This suggests a somewhat tight contest, with the Yankees holding a marginal edge. Typical of the unpredictable energy that envelops the MLB, these odds oscillate between conservative gambles and wild punts, especially when you consider the Yankees' strong series lead and home advantage against the struggling Astros. As any seasoned bettor would tell you, the stakes in this game could make a huge difference in either building confidence or fraying nerves.

Digging into this match without the cool tools of prediction data but just pure sports insight, let's throw some spotlight on key players. For the Yankees, Juan Soto has been hammering the stats with a .316 batting average and appears ready to add to his home runs tally tonight. On the pitching mound, Luis Gil, with an ERA of 3.19, is likely to continue his solid form, aiming to strike out around five Astros if he keeps up his current pace. Flipping over to the Astros, watch out for Justin Verlander; while his season hasn’t reached historic heights yet, his experience and a decent WHIP of 1.15 might just be the lance the Astros need to pierce through the Yankee armor. Kyle Tucker also remains a potential game-changer, his ability to send the baseball to the fences could indeed turn pivotal. In the final analysis, given the comprehensive strength and form shown by the Yankees this season, they look set for a victory in this match-up. Their stronger line-up and home advantage might just be too much for the Astros to handle at Yankee Stadium.

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